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    Organic Farm & Cafe in Hua Hin, Thailand.

A Fun Place For The Whole Family

Come to Parrotdise for an unforgettable experience

Parrotdise is an organic farm and cafe in Hua Hin, Thailand. It is a fun place for the whole family. We have a farm with fruit trees and where we grow fresh organic vegetables. A cafe where we serve delicious food made with organic ingredients. Enjoy our homemade pasta or salad fresh from our land, or choose something else from the menu Parrots you can see flying free and animals you can cuddle and watch. A playground and petting zoo and activities for your children to have fun and learn. In short we have something for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Come to Parrotdise and have a fun day with the whole family.

Visit Parrotdise For Fun And Excitement

Organic Farm

You are what you eat. We want our children to be very healthy and therefore we started this organic farm. We like to offer food at its very best.

Cafe & Coffee Shop

Enjoy mouth watering food and flavourful drinks or a perfect cup of coffee.


Learn about organic farming, cooking, petting animals and much more.

Event Bookings

Make your events, weddings and birthdays worth remembering.

Live Your Parrot Dream

Have you always wanted to spend some time close to nature, just gazing at animals and birds flying freely. Treating yourself to a healthy meal and enjoying the sound of the waterfall. Well Parrotdise is perfect for you, a place close to nature with great food, drinks and fun activities.

Fun Leafy Activities parrotdise
Fresh & Healthy

Don't Panic, it's Organic.

Drinks Parrotdise
Parrots Latest

The Place Where Fun, Food And
Nature Come Together

Just Another Day At Parrotdise

We want our farm to be a place where families feel welcomed and are always happy. We do this by organizing music, art events, parrot shows, and other fun filled edutainment activities.

Our Latest Deals And Specials

Special Offer

Treat your loved one to a romantic evening at our café! Our Valentine 4 course dinner is the perfect way to celebrate your love ❤️

1190 Baht Per Person
Promotional Deal

Order our avacado toast and our homemade cake and receive a 20% discount every tuesday, wednesday and thursday in the month of December 🥰


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