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About Our Farm

Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes

The reason we started this:

The reason we started an organic farm is because as we got older and wiser we understood better and better how important it is to take good care of yourself. As long as you don’t have ailments and are not sick often you may not give it much thought. But we now realize how important it is to get the right nutrients, the right vitamins, fiber and minerals. After all, you are what you eat.

And once you find out how many toxins are sprayed on our food you are shocked. So we voluntarily allow these toxins to be allowed into our bodies which of course is to the detriment of your health. We want to stop this and have started an organic farm. To ensure that our children grow up healthier and more conscious. Our organic farm was started because we have 2 children and we wanted to create this place for them.

Our mission is now drawn wider. We want to make everyone aware of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and adequate exercise is the foundation and absolutely not difficult to apply this positive change in your life. Start today because it is so important and very simple.

So isn’t eating healthy much more expensive? The answer to this is simple. If you weigh a sprayed head of lettuce against an organic head of lettuce, you are slightly more expensive. Although our organic lettuce is not expensive at all. 100 grams is only 20 baht. But that aside, have you ever thought about all the bills you will have to pay afterwards, doctor’s visits, hospital visits, aches and pains, you can get sick. All kinds of things you could have largely avoided.
So ask yourself again. Which path do you take, and what will cost you more in the end?

How Do We Work?

We could hang a long story with fancy yet tricky terms that seem interesting but we’ll keep it simple. We grow our vegetables ourselves from the seed. During this process there are no chemicals involved. We only use what nature hands to us. There are numerous recipes for biological agents against pests and unwanted insects. We do not kill but rather keep insects and critters away.

What is the difference between our vegetables and those from the local market, for example?

We ourselves find that organic vegetables are much tastier and crunchier. A lettuce can easily be kept in the refrigerator for 12 days, while sprayed lettuce can no longer be eaten after a few days. Apart from the fact that it contains many more nutrients that your body needs so much but which have all but disappeared over the years. Just look at a piece of vegetable from the past as opposed to now and compare it based on nutrient facts.

At Parrotdise everything is grown with patience, care and love Because we believe that good food comes from caring hands and a rich soil. At our organic farm we grow organic veggies that you can also order.

Fresh And Organic Veggies For Everyone

Veggies 6
Veggies 9
Veggies 8
Veggies 4
Veggies 2
Veggies 3

Meet The Animals

Hey what’s up. I’m Coco Django, born in 2008, and I love children immensely. When I see the children playing I prefer to sit with them all day. Sometimes I get to jump on the trampoline with them. I fly outside for a few hours every day, I like that so much! I am a cockatoo but you might have already seen that.

I’m Rainbow. I am trained to fly around freely. I usually fly around freely in the morning and in the afternoon. Only during lunch my owner puts me back in the cage because otherwise I snack off the plates.

At Parrotdise, we have a number of lovebirds. They are very sweet birds. Not all of our lovebirds are trained to fly free. But some fly around freely. If you look closely you can sometimes see one fly by.

We are Yoda and ET, we were born in the early 2020s. We are Sulcata turtles and it might be nice to know that we are originally from the Sahara Desert and Sahel. We like to eat grass, and small porsies of lettuce. Very occasionally we eat a little bit of fruit

At Parrotdise we have several hens but also some roosters. We want to offer the chickens a free and good life and therefore they have a nice lot of space. In return, we receive some eggs daily.

Hello all, my name is Panaeng, I am named after the delicious Thai curry. I am a Thai Rigdeback. I may look dangerous but I am very sweet as long as you are also sweet to me. I walk around at Parrotdise and also live there. I guard the place

I am Disco, I am a Senegal Parrot and I talk regularly and can also make many funny sounds. I sleep with Rainbow in the cage and that is very cozy

At Parrotdise, we have beautiful ornamental pigeons. White, black and white, brown and white, and other different colors. Feel free to stop by and feed them

Meet Shiba and Tokyo, Come join us in the petting zoo. We love to be cuddled Our favorite food is carrot served on a lettuce leaf.


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