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    Homemade tasty food made with pure love and organic ingredients.

About Our Cafe At Parrotdise

For us, it is important to serve the best and tastiest coffee. We understand that the whole process of coffee deserves attention. From the seed that is planted, the way it is treated and allowed to grow, the harvesting, the process of sorting, drying, and everything else involved. If everything goes well, it ends in a taste sensation in your mouth. We guarantee a very flavorful and fine cup of coffee.

At Parrotdise we love nature. You can see that when you enter our cafe. In addition to our organic farm we also like to pay a lot of attention to our furniture. We work a lot with wood. Wood gives a warm, cozy and especially blissful feeling. In addition, we are lucky to have our own furniture makers. Suppose you are interested in a beautiful dining table, chairs, a bookcase or something else. We can help. In addition, our furniture is guaranteed to be a lot cheaper than in stores. Interested? Let us know.

What is the right and cozy ambience. For you this might be different than for someone else. At Parrotdise we also have an opinion about the perfect ambience. As far as we are concerned, it is a place where everyone is welcome and equal to each other. Where people can do their work or read book in privacy, but also, most importantly, a place where you can meet other people. For example, other moms and dads or others who share a similar passion. We create this atmosphere throughout our setting and through the activities that take place from time to time. We love to connect with each other.

So What Is Specialty Coffee?

The answer is simple. The coffee has to be special. But special relative to what? We think it should be special compared to the everyday standard.

For too long in Thailand, coffee has been an afterthought, something seen as a regular product with a regular taste. Something seen to make caffeine or provide a bitter hit at the end of a meal. However, the problem is often that the beans are not the very best quality, taste just a little too bitter or are even tasteless. You then have to add a lot of milk and sugar to make it somewhat drinkable.

But we set high standards for coffee taste. Just like a wine connoisseur likes to drink the very best wine. However, with coffee it does not depend only on the beans. But also the barista who prepares the coffee. At Parrotdise, all baristas are also trained to make coffee. We have our own recipes and methods to make sure you get the most delicious coffee. Taste the delicious coffee, a true taste sensation.

All of our coffee is brewed with high quality specialty coffee beans that are freshly roasted. We create a flavor profile that is easy to drink, sweet, round and smooth on the palate with a gentle acidity that is perfect both as a pure espresso or as a base for milk coffee.

We invite you to come for a long time. Experience it for yourself and feel free to let us know what you think.

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Parrotdise is the only organic farm and cafe in Hua-Hin. We make great-tasting food using organic ingredients. Book a table today and have an exceptional experience.


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