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A Beautiful Day At Parrotdise!

Parrotdise is not merely a place for delightful food and refreshing drinks; it’s an experience waiting to be explored. We take pride in offering an array of exciting events, perfect for birthdays, group meetings, and other special occasions. Immerse yourself in enlightening workshops or venture on captivating tours – the choice is yours. Your preferences matter to us, and we’re ever-welcoming of suggestions. Reach out to us to tailor an event that meets your needs and desires. On this page, you’ll discover a glimpse of the engaging workshops and events we have in store for you.

Dicover Natural Beauty

Looking for a unique and unforgettable nature experience activity in Hua Hin? Look no further than our Goat Walk, where you can stroll through serene landscapes with our four friendly and playful goats – Tuktuk, Tina, Sugar, and Coffee. Our goats love to explore and will happily accompany you on a leisurely walk, making for a truly memorable adventure.

As you immerse yourself in the beauty of Hua Hin, our guide will provide fascinating insights into the local flora and fauna, while helping you forge a special bond with our charming goats. Suitable for all ages, our Goat Walk is a great family-friendly activity that is sure to delight everyone.

Discover, Create And Inspire

Explore the art of pasta making at Parrotdise! Our pasta workshop is a delightful experience where you can delve into the secrets of crafting various pasta types. Homemade pasta not only boasts exceptional taste but promises a fun-filled adventure in the kitchen. During the workshop, we guide you through creating diverse pasta styles using a range of ingredients. The workshop fee includes a serving of your handcrafted pasta paired with our flavorful homemade sauce. Join us for this enriching culinary journey:


Embark on an enriching half-day course and uncover the secrets to thriving vegetables and fruits in warm climates. Delve into effective pest control strategies, learn soil preparation techniques, master composting, seed handling, and proficiently manage various garden tasks. Our experienced instructors will guide you in planting, nurturing, and harvesting your own bountiful produce. Here are the pricing options:


For larger groups, we are more than happy to tailor a special pricing package to suit your needs.

Book Your Event At Parrotdise

Discover the charm of Parrotdise, where our organic farm and cafe create an idyllic setting for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events. Nestled in the heart of nature, our enchanting venue offers a serene escape for celebrations with loved ones, while our organic ingredients guarantee a mouthwatering culinary experience.

Let Parrotdise make your event extraordinary with our personalized approach and commitment to your satisfaction. Choose us as your event venue today and create cherished memories amidst the breathtaking beauty of our farm and the delightful company of our animals.

Make Your Event Memorable

Exchange your vows under the canopy of trees at our organic farm, as the melody of birdsong accompanies your magical day. With a variety of charming animals, rustic settings, and farm-to-table cuisine, Parrotdise promises an unforgettable wedding experience. Let us create your dream celebration, nestled within nature’s embrace.

Welcome to Parrotdise organic farm & cafe, the perfect venue for your next birthday party or event. Located in a beautiful natural environment with no traffic, our farm offers a safe and peaceful space for you to celebrate. Our terrace is huge and offers a cool breeze, making it an ideal spot for any party. Book with us today and experience the magic of Parrotdise.

Looking for a venue that is close to nature and away from all the traffic? Look no further, choose Parrotdise for your special events, where our beautiful organic farm sets the stage for lasting memories. Our team works to create a unique experience tailored to your celebration, making it truly unforgettable. Let Parrotdise be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Every 2 Weeks

Join us every two weeks on Friday for Parrotdise’s Goat Yoga, Sunset & Wine event. Experience rejuvenating yoga sessions alongside our adorable, friendly goats, surrounded by breathtaking sunsets and the tranquility of nature. Afterwards, unwind further and enjoy a delightful glass of wine. Reserve your spot now and create unforgettable memories.

Every 2 Weeks

Join us for Kids Goat Yoga every two weeks on Friday, a delightful event where children engage in yoga surrounded by friendly goats. This unique experience combines fitness, fun, and nature while promoting well-being and a memorable adventure. In a serene setting, kids will love bonding with our gentle goats. Book now for an unforgettable time!

Every 2 Weeks

Join us every other week for Kids Craft Events! Guided by our experienced instructors, children create unique art pieces, fostering creativity & fine motor skills. Kids take home their masterpieces to share with loved ones. Check our calendar for the next event – a fun, educational experience awaits!

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A world of discovery, delicious food, and delightful experiences. It’s the perfect destination for families seeking quality time and unforgettable moments. So why wait? Make a booking today and create cherished memories at Parrotdise!


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